Riverflow of dancing letters


The way I perceive text seems somewhat different from how a majority of other people does it. Some of those differences I know about, like the fact that text and written language is something very unnatural for me. It is synthetic.

I struggled to comprehend the skillset of reading and writing. I was struggling for a decade before it started to reassemble climbing a steep city street instead of facing a 90 degree cliff every time I was faced with even the shortest piece of text. But I was dead set on conquering, defeat was not an option! And I tried every and any means possible along that mission.

The easy read stuff didn’t help me much, I kind of could read it but it wasn’t that much easier. I snitched some science journals and found at least those were worth the effort, the information was so compressed it actually payed of to put in the extra time on it. And I got loads and loads of recommendations on ”good books”, mostly ones which was considered t to be easily read. One day I got the opposite, ”Why don’t you read Poe? I think you’ll like it.” so I went to the library and got a collection of Poes novels. And I read them over and over again, sometimes a single sentence maybe fifty times! Not because I couldn’t comprehend the m meaning but because the words where l like music and reading was like dancing!

That was my first passionate moment with written text, the first time I had ever enjoyed reading. After an almost ten year long struggle we had our first hot and fiery moment on a parkbench at the cemetery over words describing that feeling of being chased by a plague threw Europe. Macabre as it can seem it was merely coincidence, that cemetery was the closest spot nearby my childhood home to resemble a somewhat quiet spot and I didn’t really care about the content at the time. My focus was on the flow of the words, on how they poured in to each other in a continous downhill motion, a wild but stead stream in a mountain river.

Right then I found the first key to enjoyable man-text interaction.

I have kept that idea of words dancing like foaming swirling water to its own wonderful vivid music ever since and I want every text to follow such a downhill following motion whatever category it may be. Of course I don’t succeed all the time but I will not stop trying. Never!