The dirty joke is on you


I do enjoy Zizek, he is hilarious as hell in a kind of uncomfortable way. He has a tendency to point out the obvious thing which seldom is appropriate to say in an establishinged context and he gets away with it by being a comedian making it a dirty joke. He is not proper and that is a good thing. But I think he is wrong!

”Don’t act. Just think!”

I don’t agree with this! He has a good point, but I don’t agree.

Don’t act. Don’t just think. Trace back the source and dig up the facts!

This is my opinion, my standpoint and I will not flinch. It doesn’t matter how intelligent you are, how good of a thinker you are if you are processing rubbish! The joke is on you if you think it could be in any other way. So don’t you ever again come with some smart remark about some ingenious reflection you ”made” after hearing or reading someone elses thoughts and findings on any subject if you haven’t checked the source and made sure you comprehended the context in a correct way to actually make any relevant conclusions. Understood? Good!

Now run along and keep on doing just that. And every time you reach a revelation, remember that behind it hides at least ten more just waiting for you to discover them. Life will never be boring again!