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10 dumbest things said…

..eeh, you say what..?

This may be a gamble after having you reading that, but… at least you didn’t just finish a two hour lecture by an other ’philosopher’ in the digital sphere realizing the coocoohead you are listening to belive in the ”occult conditions” and ”spiritual essence” of digital information as well as ”theonic energy sources”, ”chthonic energy forces” and so much more I would have liked to gone my lifetime without ever hearing about! But then I remind myself of articles like this one on the myth of AI and the panic headspinning slows down.

The problem maybe isn’t the coocooheads but the fact that they so obviously are coocooheads that we forget to explain ourselves in a way digitally ignorant people can comprehend? Or am I just just to kind to the coocoos?

I must admit it’s tempting to take on the
challenge of the job title generator.. ”Inhouse game-changer”, yeah
baby, bring it on! I know what I would like to change..!