”Call me unfair, but…”


A comment I never expected to be anything more than redundant, it was not so I’m glad I made it at the risk of stating the obvious. To long in an alternate reality..

Unfair competition already IS prohibited by law. It’s illegal to dump prices in short term to force other actors off the market. You can offer a better deal by fair means like reducing production cost or other expenses, but you can not use your accumulated capital to cover the loss for selling an underpriced product if that brings with it the risk of harming your competitors. Only when it can cause no harm to anyone but yourself is it allowed to compete threw loss by underpriced products. It is also not allowed for companies to make deals that close one or all other actors out of the market, this is a especially severe breach of bussiness ethics AND the law when it is a few main actors that together dominates the market threw this strategic move (NCC and some other companies got busted big times a few years ago for doing this). There are also prohibitions against monopolies in many countries including the US, where a corporation is forced to split up in two (or more) separate entitys which can not cooperate or close any deals that could come in conflict with the previously mentioned scenarios (which is why Coca-Cola are satisfied with the size of their market share and have no interest in growing unproportionate to their competition, they actually WANT Pepsi to succeed because that is the only way to grow in size without growing in market shares). Sweden already has these regulations and many more against unfair competition and monopolies and they have been implemented many times, it’s not something new and definitely not revolutionary. But people seems to have forgotten?