People getting more free time on their hands has always lead to technical advances and new inventions. One problem with unemployment today is that unemployed people either don’t have free time on their hands as they are kept bussie by unemploymentprograms or spend all their time on active hunt for jobs to keep their unemploymentpayments. Also a much to large portion of people nowadays don’t know how to activate them selves in a productive way since society actually teaches us the opposite. We spend 10 or 12 or 20 years in school learning that productive work is something you are told to do and it is to a large extent done as a group (this changes the higher up in the educational system you come). School also teaches us free time is best spent on nonproductive entertainment, it may have a personal profit like better health from sports activities or a hobby like sewing but children and young adults in most cases have a life which teaches them two things 1. Free time is -my- time, and 2. Any work you do as a productive citizen is assigned to you.
In countries where homeschooling is permitted there may be a greater awareness of alternative ways to organize your life and productivity but even in those countries most people never come in contact with any alternative prior to adulthood.

Since this is the system a majority of the western world population is moulded into in the same way people 200 years ago was moulded into a society dominated by farming, we will have trouble adapting to other ways. The problem is that there is no incentive from the reigning power (financial or political) to prepare us for such a change. The financial power is the winner in non-development, if it makes sure it stays ahead it will have less competition. I do not mean this in any conspiratorial way, only in an ”every man (or company) for himself”-way. No single entity no matter how large or small has anything to gain in the short run (and nowadays no one is thinking longterm because the world is to unpredictable). The political power has no incentive to do anything that give a longterm gain if there is a short term cost involved, especially not in the state of the USA and the EU-region today.

China has a huge incentive to prepare their citizens for this, not only because their economy is flourishing but because they want it to keep flourish after their 1 child per family restriction sets in as a problematic shortage in the workforce. China needs all those robots! But China don’t need any reforms and won’t have to deal with mass unemployment. They won’t have this big society-converting problem of a scarcity in work they need to get done, it is the other way around over there, they already have the ”problem” of loosing the lowbudget production to other countries. For goodness sake they are going to Africa to find a new accessible labour force.