The BIG questions


Are you passionate about this?
Do you feel strongly about this, do you have personal engagement invested in this? And is that investment pride or something else? Is this something you want to care about? On a scale from 0-100 how strongly do you feel about this? How many other things occupying your mind right now gets the same or a higher score? If less than five keep giving a damn for one more minute.

Is it important?
Will it really matter tomorrow? Next week? In a year? In ten years? If yes then it’s could be rational to take one more minute to think about it.

Is it even a thing?
Do you believe this is something real? Is it a problem or is it just annoying? If you would rate it on a scale between 0-100% true what score would it get? How many other things occupying your mind at this moment would get the same or a higher score? If less than five you can stay on this for one more minute.

Can you do something about this?
Are you in any way able to affect the events starting now? Could this pass all by it self if you did nothing about it? Can you think of any action from your part that could make the situation worse than it is right now? If this will pass by it self or if you risks making this even a tinsy winsy bit worse, DON’T! Don’t do a thing, just walk away. If you are able to have an positive effect on the situation then stay on in for one more minute.

What would it take to act on this thing?
How much would you need to invest in time, in money and physical resources, emotionally? Is that investment proportional to the gain that might come out of it? Calculate and if yes, you guessed it: one more minute.

How can you change the way you think and feel about this?
In what ways can you affect what part this event or situation is playing in your life? At this point you have stated that this is something you are invested in, something you want to care about, that there is something you might be able to do and finally concluded the benefits of that action is greater than the cost. It is one of very few things actually worth giving a damn about. Congratulations! But could this thing be just as important part of your life and you keep being just as an active part of it without it swallowing you hole and munching away on the rest of your life like a gourmet dinner? The answer just might be yes and I want you to think about that for one minute before moving on with your life realizing most things just aren’t worth giving a damn about.