Opposites enhance


Today you are never just ”a nerd”, there are all these subcategories of ”nerd” which matters since ”the nerd universe” has grown bigger. Are you a cartoon nerd, computer nerd, food nerd, music nerd, sci fi nerd or even fashion nerd? Being nerdy can be hip or it can be not, it totally depends on your area of nerdieness and how well that plays with your personality and how much charm points those two add up to.

If you have a kind of bimbo-ish persona you can cash in a lot more charm by being boardgame or sci fi nerdy whilst you would drop in charm if you where fashion nerdy. On the other hand if you are a kind of socially awkward guy with freckles you will probably gain a great deal on the charm-o-meter if you are a nerdy super fashionista sewing your own selvedge jeans and knitting super manly cardigans.

It’s a kind of ”opposites enhance” situation.