Labels of contempt


”He who never dared anything that might really matter.”

”The one who only uttered two words.”

”Mr cheesy moves.”

”The overlord of weirdness, destructive behaviour, self-loathing and desolver of integrity.”

”The irresistible force of nature, gone with the wind.”

”The easygoing, laid-back and always lovingly accepting.”

”The painfully boring and utterly presumptuous.”

”The worshipper of conventions, a brutal enforcer of conformity, a destructive jante to be reconciled with, a consumer of everyone that lets it come close.”

”The always utterly honest, but painfully clueless bearer of unknown knowns.”

”The one who sees it as his mission to prove social structures right and social expectations wrong, preferably at the same time.”

”The straight forward, change driven, unerring anti-conformist.”

”The unconventional, fun-loving, change oriented and most unexpected phenomenon.”